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Why People Are Obsessing Over Bbq Restaurants So Much?

Let’s just agree that we Americans can not live without BBQ. It is one of those cuisines that are a no-brainer for an American household, especially when your dad is around who is all about taste.

Memorial Day is widely regarded as the unofficial kick-off to the backyard grilling season. But honestly, the calendar is becoming irrelevant as Americans’ love for grilling is increasing. And those who don’t have a grill, to begin with, ultimate resort to the best BBQ restaurants in Dallas, TX, which is home to mouth-watering barbeque dishes.

So What Is Barbeque?

Barbequing is a cuisine of deep tradition that thrives in every possible corner of America. Whether you believe it or not but the influence of grill masters is evident everywhere in the States.

Many people (you could be amongst them) think of barbeque as any other cooking that people do outside, but apparently, this is not quite true according to the people who cannot live without barbeque. Grills such as electric, gas, and charcoal grills can expose the meats to direct flame, and cooking that does so should be properly called grilling.

On the other hand, Barbequing involves simmering the meat over an indirect flame. When you cook something with a smoker or a grill with a flame that does not touch it, then you are barbequing. When you slow cook the meat with wood chips to enhance the flavor even more, then guess what? You are barbequing.

Why Does Grilled Meat Taste So Good?

Raw fruits and vegetables taste good on their own, but when it comes to most food, it is better to cook them. The flavor of food is developed and deepened when heat is applied to them. If you are familiar with caramelization, then you know it causes roasted vegetables to get sweeter, and the meat becomes more savory. Because of barbequing, proteins are broken down into amino acids, which later react with the carbohydrates, producing the scent and satisfying taste that we crave.

Let’s Understand the Regional Barbeque

There’s a so-called barbeque chain spread all across the southern states. While many states and even some cities have distinct kinds of barbeque, there are a few that are the most famous, and here they are:

Carolina BBQ: It cooks pork, mostly with a vinegar-based sauce.

Texas BBQ: It uses a similar vinegar sauce as Carolina but cooks beef.

Memphis BBQ: It cooks with both pork but uses a sweeter, tomato-based sauce.

Kansas City BBQ: It cooks with tomato-based sauce and beef and pork.

Final Takeaway

When it comes down to naming some cuisines that have taken over the minds of Americans, you can’t miss out on barbeque. It is the kind of cooking that we can’t get enough of, which explains the boom behind the best BBQ restaurants in Dallas, TX. So, if you are craving some authentic BBQ, make sure to check us out at My TX BBQ.

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